• Future Barbers

    Prepare yourself for a bright future in the barbering industry.  Schedule an appointment today.  Call (559) 458-8708  

  • Our Community

    A barbershop establishes a resource for the community and provides a lifetime career.

  • Best Curriculum

    Our focus is to provide the best barber training coupled with retention focused instruction.

  • Resource Center

    BBA provides a resource center for our students to strengthen their knowledge and academic skills. 

Welcome to our Academy

Barboza Barber Academy is a locally owned barber college that is dedicated to serving the Central Valley and Beyond.  Our instructors have over 30 years of experience in the barbering industry.

Meet our Faculty

BBA prides itself on having professionals in the industry that are committed to bringing the best out of every student through expert instruction, valuable classroom time, and real hands on work. With over 30 years of instruction in the barbering industry and owning barbershops, we are positive that our students will achieve success.


Why Choose Us

At BBA we have a love for people and the barbering industry.  We are committed to teaching the art of Barbering, and we also offer instruction for running the business side.  We firmly believe:

“If you give a person a fish they can eat for a day.  But, if you teach a person how to Barber they are set for life!” 

–  Caroline Barboza, Campus Director/Owner

Barboza Barber Academy, LLC
335 E. Shields Ave
Fresno, CA 93704


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